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Da Giorgio Ristorante Italiano Fallbrook, CA
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2 Bits Cafe Yuba City, CA
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Bayside Restaurant Newport Beach, CA
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Ackee Bamboo Jamaican Cuisine Los Angeles, CA
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A Modo Mio Long Beach, CA
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When dining out in a foreign restaurant, be sure you understand the accepted etiquette for behavior, tipping, and treatment of the wait staff. Many guidebooks will help you out with tips, but it's better to have someone with you with a thorough understanding of the culture.

If you're dining in a restaurant without reserved seating, it's within your rights to ask for another table it you don't like the one you're shown to. It's not necessary to make a fuss, however, and keep in mind that they may not be able to accommodate you if they're busy.

Be sure you understand the dress code for a particular restaurant before you head out for dinner. While most restaurants don't require coat and tie any longer, it can be embarrassing to show up wearing a T-shirt and jeans when the restaurant requires business casual attire.

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California Metro Areas

You can find Dining restaurants in the following metropolitan areas of California.

Los Angeles
San Diego
San Francisco
San Jose
Santa Barbara
Santa Cruz

Looking for a California Fine dining place?

"What is a fine dining place?
Dining restaurant is a professionally managed facility, which traditionally provides high quality food in an elegant setting.

Why do you look for one?
If you need a fine dining place,
» For a very special night out,
» For an outstanding quality meal,
» To impress your date,
» To treat your family,
» For the perfect place to pop the question,
then you look for dining restaurants.

Where do you find a fine dining place?
BestFoodSite will help you to find the best fine dining providing professional, friendly, and upscale services. Check our listings to find the best restaurant close to you. Whether a private little nook or a large ballroom setting, you should prefer licensed dining restaurants."
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