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Absinthe Restaurant & Bar San Francisco, CA
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Anjou San Francisco, CA
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Annies Bistro San Francisco, CA
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Aubergine Restaurant Newport Beach, CA
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Baker Street Bistro San Francisco, CA
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French food isn't the easiest cuisine to master. You'll need a lot of practice, but don't be afraid to take your time, to experiment, and to find your own style. Even if you're not cooking Cordon Bleu dishes by next week, the point is to enjoy yourself.

The ingredients you use in your French food are at least as important as technique and tools. Always be sure to get the freshest ingredients you can find; that's half the job right there. Most supermarkets have most of what you need, but you may have to look hard to find some obscure ingredients.

In order to cook French food on a regular basis, you need to be sure you have, at the very least, the following basic ingredients in your cupboard: olive oil, vinegar (particularly the red wine variety), hot (Dijon) mustard, nutmeg, onions, garlic, flour, and sugar.

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California Metro Areas

You can find French food restaurants in the following metropolitan areas of California.

Los Angeles
San Diego
San Francisco
San Jose
Santa Barbara
Santa Cruz

Looking for a California French cuisine?

"What is French cuisine?
French cuisine is a professional service, which traditionally provides foods that are authentic to the country of France.

Why do you look for one?
If you need service for French cuisine :
» That is flavored with a wide range of herbs that are fresh,
» For a nice meal with a glass of excellent wine,
» For an elegant meal,
» For food that is exquisite in its design,
» For a meal that will tempt you again and again,
then you consider French cuisine service.

Where do you find good French cuisine?
Bestfoodsite will help you to find the best French cuisine providing courteous, professional, and friendly services. Check our listings to find the best French food close to you. Whether a private bistro or a large establishment, you should prefer licensed French cuisine."
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