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A simple way to pit olives for your Greek food is to smack them with the flat of a large knife; the meat will then peel off the pit easily. If you're planning to use a large number of olives, roll over them a few times with a rolling pin. This will loosen the meat from the pit as well.

If you want to pit an olive for your Greek food without smashing the meat, the rolling pin won't do. Instead, try squeezing the olive; the pit might pop put (this works more often with black olives than green ones). Otherwise, you'll need to cut the olive lengthwise and peel off the meat.

The best way to crumble feta cheese for your Greek food (assuming you can't find it pre-crumbled) is to run a slice under cold water for ten minutes to firm it up and clear off the brine. Then break it up with your hands or the tines of a fork.

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Looking for a Riverside Greek cuisine?

"What is Greek cuisine?
Greek cuisine is a professional service, which traditionally provides foods that are authentic to the Greece region.

Why do you look for one?
If you need service for Greek cuisine:
» That is high in quality and prepared against tradition,
» For foods like flavorful lamb and cheeses,
» For many savory dishes,
» For authentic cooking that is very old world,
» For foods that are elegant and excellent,
then you consider Greek cuisine service.

Where do you find good Greek cuisine?
Bestfoodsite will help you to find the best Greek cuisine providing quality, flavorful, and courteous services. Check our listings to find the best Greek food close to you. Whether a large establishment or a private restaurant, you should prefer licensed Greek cuisine."
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