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If you ever have the opportunity to eat Italian food in Italy, don't go overboard with the tip. Italian waiters tend to be paid very well, and in most cases you'll be charged a fee called a coperta that covers your bread, table settings, and the like. Tips should be limited to a maximum of 10% (although of course the waiters would appreciate more!)

Low carb dining can be difficult in Italian restaurants, but it's not impossible. Avoid pasta, pizza, and bread, and zero in on meats, seafood, salads, and antipasto. Olive oil is also good, because it contains antioxidants and the kinds of fats you need to maintain good health.

Italian food uses over 150 types of dried pasta alone. The kind you use for a particular Italian dish can effect the flavor and presentation of your Italian food, depending upon the kind of sauce you combine it with. Long, flat types work well with cream and olive oil sauces; shaped pasta calls for chunkier sauces. Marinara and butter, of course, go with everything.

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Looking for a Riverside Italian cuisine?

"What is a Italian cuisine?
Italian cuisine is a professional service, which traditionally provides authentic Italian foods.

Why do you look for one?
If you need service for Italian cuisine:
» To get a tasty Italian dish that you have been hoping for,
» For foods made with authentic Italian ingredients,
» For pasta dishes,
» For cheeses and wines that are your favorites,
» For cuisine that is flavored with parsley and oregano,
then you consider Italian cuisine service.

Where do you find good Italian cuisine?
Bestfoodsite will help you to find the best Italian cuisine providing professional, home style, and courteous services. Check our listings to find the best Italian cuisine close to you. Whether a small home style restaurant or a large banquet type, you should prefer quality Italian cuisine."
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