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Raw seafood does tend to be smelly, but there's an easy way to neutralize the scent: rub a lemon on your fingers before handling the items, and the scent won't linger. You can also rub juice on afterward to make absolutely sure you're not smelling of fish.

Many cooks won't boil or poach seafood because it causes the meat to fall apart. You can get around this by adding a slice of lemon to the water. The acid in the lemon causes protein to harden slightly, holding the seafood together, plus the lemon enhances the flavor.

Baking and broiling are both excellent ways to prepare fish, but both methods can cause a big mess. To avoid this, line your cookware with aluminum foil. This makes the cleanup very easy, since you have to do little more than remove the aluminum and discard it.

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Looking for a Indianapolis Seafood restaurant?

"What is a seafood restaurant?
Sea food store is a professionally managed facility, which traditionally which provides seafood meals.

Why do you look for one?
If you need a seafood restaurant:
» For a very tasty, coastal meal,
» For a meal that is made with fresh ingredients,
» For delicacies,
» For traditional meals,
» For a tasty local meal,
then you look for a sea food store.

Where do you find a seafood restaurant.?
BestFoodSite will help you to find the best sea food restaurant providing quality, professional, and fresh services. Check our listings to find the best seafood close to you. Whether a local market or a national group, you should prefer licensed sea food stores."
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