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The quickest way to prepare a ripe avocado is to slit it lengthwise all the way around, all the way down to the seed. Then pop the two halves apart, chop the knife into the seed that's imbedded in one half, and pop it out. You can then use a scoop or spoon to remove the flesh from the peel.

If you're an adventurous cook, you can get some of your ingredients directly from Mother Nature. For example, sassafras trees are often common in Southern woods. Their dried leaves can be powdered and made into file (fee-lay), which is used to thicken and flavor gumbos.

All cooks know how annoying it is to measure sticky substances like peanut butter. To make this a little bit easier, fill the measuring cut with hot water, and then pour it out -- but don't dry the cup. Immediately add the sticky substance you have to measure. It'll come out of the cup easily.

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Looking for a Knoxville Cook?

"Who is a cook?
Chefs are skilled professionals, who traditionally design menus and create meals for restaurants or individuals.

Why do you look for one?
If you need a cook:
» To prepare eloquent meals,
» To design a menu for your restaurant,
» To work in your well established location,
» To provide specialty cuisine,
» To prepare and serve your customers to their satisfaction,
then you look for a chef.

Where do you find a cook?
Bestfoodsite will help you to find the best chef providing professional cuisine, and dietary services. Check our listings to find the best chefs close to you. Whether a small one time party or a arrangement, you should prefer a licensed cook."
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