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Marinating can add a world of flavor to the meats you cook, but you have to be very careful about how you go about it. Your marinade should always be refrigerated to below 40° F, or bacterial growth will begin. If bacteria run wild in your food, you may end up with food poisoning.

Want to keep eggs from spreading out when you poach them? Just add a little vinegar or lemon juice to the water you're cooking them in. The acid in the juice or vinegar helps the protein in the eggs to coagulate, which means they'll keep a tidy, rounded shape as they cook.

Always cook fresh asparagus within three days of purchasing it. Asparagus doesn't keep very well at all. It's best to refrigerate the spears standing upright in a container of water; if you snip off the base first, they'll last much longer. You can also wrap the bases of the spears with a damp towel.

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Looking for a Omaha Cook?

"Who is a cook?
Chefs are skilled professionals, who traditionally design menus and create meals for restaurants or individuals.

Why do you look for one?
If you need a cook:
» To prepare eloquent meals,
» To design a menu for your restaurant,
» To work in your well established location,
» To provide specialty cuisine,
» To prepare and serve your customers to their satisfaction,
then you look for a chef.

Where do you find a cook?
Bestfoodsite will help you to find the best chef providing professional cuisine, and dietary services. Check our listings to find the best chefs close to you. Whether a small one time party or a arrangement, you should prefer a licensed cook."
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