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Here are a few tips concerning the use of lemons in your Indian food: 1) Before squeezing a lemon for juice, put it in hot water, and you'll get more juice than normal. 2) A half a lemon placed in the refrigerator will help neutralize the smells of any stored food items.

The secret to making great chai is, of course, the spices (as it is with most Indian food). The fresher they are the better. Although what counts as perfect chai varies from person to person, it almost always includes whole cloves, cardamom and cinnamon, though nutmeg, ginger, and other spices are also common.

Chai is a staple drink with Indian food, and if you like chai as a tea, you'll probably love it as a milkshake. All you have to do is blend your favorite finished chai (with milk added, of course) with the ice cream of your choice. You can add honey and spices as flavorings, if you like.

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Looking for a Omaha Indian cuisine?

"What is Indian cuisine?
Indian cuisine is a professional service, which traditionally provides foods that are authentic to India and the surrounding area.

Why do you look for one?
If you need service for Indian cuisine:
» For a meal that is full of flavor,
» For foods prepared in very unique ways,
» For a meal that uses spices like curry,
» For foods that will take you to this region of the world,
» For a tasty meal unlike any other,
then you consider Indian cuisine service.

Where do you find good Indian cuisine?
Bestfoodsite will help you to find the best Indian food providing flavorful, enticing, and qualityservices. Check our listings to find the best Indian food close to you. Whether a small style restaurant or a large inviting establishment, you should prefer best Indian cuisine."
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