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While you'll probably get a really good deal at a fish market, don't expect the fish to be too cheap, especially if it's the kind caught from the wild. You may have better luck, however, with marine life that's farmed, like tilapia or crayfish.

Believe it or not, some fish markets (such as Pike Place Fish Market in Seattle) will actually ship you fish overnight by Federal Express or UPS. Needless to say, this involves having it packed it with dry ice, paying the stiff overnight fee, and hoping the delivery guy doesn't run late.

Many fish markets offer local delivery to individuals, but expect to pay a substantial fee. If you run an eatery, however, they may well provide free delivery, especially if your establishment is located in the downtown or waterfront area. It's a possibility worth checking out.

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Looking for a Aguadilla Fish market?

"What is a fish market?
Fish store is a professionally managed facility, which traditionally provides fish products and other fresh foods.

Why do you look for one?
If you need a fish market,
» For the freshest fish caught that morning,
» For high quality food,
» For rare or hard to find fish,
» For any type of food from the ocean or sea,
» For whole fish,
then you look for fish stores.

Where do you find a fish market?
BestFoodSite will help you to find the best fish market providing fresh, quality, and professional services. Check our listings to find the best fish market close to you. Whether a large chain or a small private place, you should prefer licensed fish stores."
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