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Sanitation is crucial in all food service situations. Not only should you wash your hands with sanitizer and wear gloves when handling food, you need to take special care of all surfaces on which food is prepared, as well as floors and sinks. Never use sponges -- they're breeding grounds for bacteria.

Ways to stretch your food service resources include investing in labor-saving devices like cheese-grating machines; not preparing too much food in advance; using film wrap instead of more expensive foil wrap; and maintaining a low level of inventory to prevent food wastage.

All food service professionals should be aware of the reality of peanut and nut allergies, especially if you work in a school. Peanut allergies especially can be deadly. If nuts and related products are used in your school kitchen, make the patrons and parents aware of it.

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"What is a food service company?
Food service providers are a professionals, which traditionally provide food products that will be distributed or used in a restaurant or store.

Why do you look for one?
If you need a food service company:
» To provide the highest quality food products,
» To provide specialty food products,
» To meet your customer's demands,
» To improve the quality of your facilities food products,
» That will help you to stay within your food budget,
then you look for a food service provider.

Where do you find a food service company?
Bestfoodsite will help you to find the best food service providers, providing professional, catering, and food services. Check our listings to find the best food service company close to you. Whether a private chef or a large team, you should prefer licensed food service providers."
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